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Parallel (adj) longman dictionary

1. two lines, paths that are parallel to each other are the same distance apart along their whole length

2. similar and happening at the same time

"Parallel Line" by Junior Boys

If you found the words, would you really say them?
Or silent through the verse,
Will mumble punctuation?
Remembering the line, an empty metaphor
That you savor by yourself
Your never cure
If I forgot the lines, is it easy enough to fake it?
Or do you need a moment to rememorize
And model it like a curse half disguised?

Leers, cheers, whispers and tears
The final taste before you're taken away
Odds, ends, final amends
It's all right to say it
Just as long as you don't really think so

Give me a little room
To get on with concentration
Just enough to know
What I'm missing in education
Borrowing all the hours that you gave to me to
It's a wonder I could ever breathe
Under all our thoughts
We'll hear the final answer
Of all the things you are that have been paralleled
All the voices that were raised and finally fell

Leers, cheers, whispers and tears
The final taste before you're taken away
Odds, ends, final amends
It's all right to say it
Just as long as you don't really think so

No show
No sex
That's all you get
No wait
No calls
No remittance for what you know

Leers, cheers, whispers and tears
The final taste before you're taken away
Odds, ends, final amends
It's all right to say it
Just as long as you don't really think so

あえてjunior boysのライブ映像を使ったのは、彼がはCDより断然ライブの方が素敵だからです。

Oh man, you're awesome.


Carrie on the show!

Do you all who watched the movie "The Sex and the City" remember this scene?
When I saw the dress Carrie's wearing, I just fell in love with her though I've been a HUGE fan of her since the TV show. Now, "The Sex and the City 2" is coming on next Friday! You can't imagine how many fashion addicts have been waiting for it. I saw the trailer just after they put it on youtube. I say it's just fabulous how these four casts look the same as them in the last movie although it's been several years ( I guess.), OR they could look more beautiful. My favorite character Carrie definitely looks great in fancy clothes and shoes as usual (oh I do love her voice too). Moreover, in this new movie, we have Aidan, Carrie's ex-boyfriend back. Since I saw him in the TV shows, he became like my ideal guy that I was dreaming of ( though I loved Big at the same time hah). As Carrie (SJP)'s a small lady, it was so cute to see the two holding each other. Yes, I have to admit how much I wanted that kind of cute guy so badly that time.lol Anyways, the new Sex and the City never betrays fashion addicts' expectations. Vogue already picked up some dresses and yeah, they're SO beautiful. But I liked the most was the yellow dress that SJP was wearing in the premier of the movie. Doesn't she look amazing in it?
You can't miss this big day! Go to watch it.


It's not just a rainy shitty day.






腹ごしらえの後は雑貨屋めぐり。あーなにもかも可愛すぎます。お金がいくらあっても足りないよねーなんていいながら、メキシコの雑貨を扱っているお店に入るとまたまた可愛い雑貨がたくさん。最近、個人的にきてるなと思うキリスト系グッズがもりだくさん。あと私の大好きな← 蝶のマグネット。これだけ並ぶと気味が悪い。それをいくつか購入した友達はお店の人にこれは本物の蝶を呼び寄せてくれますよなんて言われてて、改めて買わなくてよかったと思いました。気づいたら窓にばさばさとまってたら嫌だもんね。

Anyways, 今日は雨でテンション下がるかもと思ったけど友達のおかげで久しぶりに腹から笑いました。本当に楽しかった!今度はお泊まり会が楽しみです。



American Apparel

I just got a package from American Apparel!
This skirt fits so well with any tops. love it so much.


Go on a diet with soy milk brownies.

Geez, it's been a while since I uploaded the last article here.

Now, I'm back in Japan and kinda struggling with this messy and boring life. I always tend to compare the life in Toronto with that in Tokyo that people might call it dreaming symptom. Who cares anyways.

The summer come soon after damp rainy season. The weather makes me feel that I've got to
buy many clothes and accessories somehow. Maybe, this is another symptom that I've been getting along with.

This is one of items that complete my summer.

Bottega Veneta

This is just so stylish.

American Apparel

Mineral Wash Natural Denim Runner Short is must get item.

but I'm not gonna wear like this. This is the right way to wear it. It's just adorable.

and definitely this one

RSA7303PAC2 Interlock Mini Skirt

I wanna wear them just as she does.

I can put all items that I need for this summer here because it will explode, so I need to make a list first. Ah I've gotta go on diet to fit in these cool items perfectly. Soy milk brownies might help me lose some weight.